Facebook Features For 2018

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg might be making headlines for all the wrong reasons, but there is no denying that Facebook is growing more and more into a digital mammoth that cannot be ignored. With 2.2 billion active users, Facebook is consistently introducing new features that takes on other popular apps within the markets. We’re talking Snapchat, YouTube and even Tinder! So, what are the upcoming features that you should be aware of? Here’s a quick look.


Watch Party

Is a way for Facebook to push people to become more active on their platform by allowing users to watch videos together with friends. Using groups, Watch Party brings the charm of live videos to recorded videos. Group admins can pick any public video and show it to the members at the same time and similarly to live videos users can comment and react simultaneously. Features such as video hosts being able to add other hosts who can add more videos to the watch line-up will soon be added as well as crowdsourcing, a feature which lets anyone in the Watch Party suggest videos that a host/co-host should add.



Shaking things up by taking a page out of Reddit’s book is the Upvote/Downvote feature for comments on large public posts. This may not be the dislike button everyone has been rallying for, and it also doesn’t take away from the reactions that are currently available for Facebook comments. The idea is to facilitate more effective discussions and allow users to rank more insightful comments vs those that get strong emotional reactions. Users are encouraged to upvote comments that are helpful and judicious and told to downvote those comments that are disrespectful and full of profanities.


3D Photos

Facebook is finding ways to allow users to share images with a 3D effect without using an actual 3D camera. To make a 3D photo, anyone can take a portrait mode picture on a dual-lens smartphone. Uploading it on Facebook with give it a faux-3D effect such that scrolling past the image will make it appear three-dimensional. Not just that, Facebook is also finding a way for users to navigate 2D images in VR. Using machine learning and AI, VR experiences are created for existing images, even those that aren’t click by a specialized 3D camera. Safe to say, delving into Facebook memories is about to get a whole lot immersive.



There are over 300,000 bots active on Messenger and over 8 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and people. But Messenger is about to get a huge face-lift this year. In an effort to make it simple and easy to use, Messenger will be re-designed and even include ‘the dark mode’. Within Marketplace on Messenger, conversations will be translated in real time using M translations, that currently auto translates Spanish to English and vice-versa. A great boost for businesses is AR technology that is focused on creating great experience for consumers. Using brand-specific filters, and AR effects, people can try out products, and visualize things in real life before making a purchase.


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