Effective LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing

Unlike B2C marketing, marketers are yet hunting for the secret ingredient that will lead them to success in B2B marketing, especially in the digital space. Earlier, some of the commonly employed B2B strategies were using channels such as newspapers, television, radio and posters or billboards. Today, masses have migrated online and hence the process of connecting B2B is made facile. Traditional forms of communication and marketing have been replaced by social media platforms. Social media has so rapidly grown so popular among all kinds of demographics, across nations. LinkedIn would probably be at the bottom of your recall game. Well, possibly, the reason behind this is because LinkedIn was never really perceived as ‘social’ as the others. LinkedIn was only launched in 2003 as a small professional networking site with signups as few as only 20 per day.

LinkedIn is one platform that marketers want to conquer because of its reputation of a professional networking site. Social media is viewed as one humongous category, and all the platforms that fall under this category are all regarded as similar, in terms of productivity and usefulness, depending on how well they are utilized. What makes LinkedIn unique among all the others is the fact that it constitutes of professionals that are highly motivated, qualified, and receptive to business opportunities. LinkedIn serves a greater purpose, as compared to other social media; helping connect prospective employers and potential employees across industries. You can utilize the other platforms to promote yourself or your business, but none of their search engines are as powerful and well organized as LinkedIn’s. Lastly, research states that discourses on LinkedIn strictly circle around business ventures and mutual benefits. No wonder it ranks the first, of all top 5 social media in terms of lead generation.


LinkedIn will help your business grow significantly, which is why it should definitely be one of your top priorities to carry out B2B marketing on this platform. Some of its distinct features that will enable you to make the most of this site are discussed below:

  1. Take advantage of your premium account

If your budget can exceed a little by $60 you can have access to advanced search results for leads, you will be able to view the expanded profiles of everyone on the site, send emails to numerous users beyond your network, and check who viewed your profile up to the last 90 days.

  1. Attract leads by setting up your page

Your LinkedIn profile should display to the prospects, what you have to offer and how you can be helpful on your page. This includes making it easy for people to locate your contact information, eloquently give the gist of your business and services, and make your banner image aesthetically pleasing while simultaneously being communicative of your mission and vision. To make sure that you are not just an extension of your website, frequently share relevant content like blog posts, Infographics, webinars etc. with engaging content so the potential customers know you are more than just a profile.

  1. Participation in groups

The ‘interests’ tab will let you access a list of recommended groups relevant to your business. If you join a few, participate in discussions and relevant conversations you could showcase your business acumen. It is recommended to select groups that are medium sized and ‘very active’ in order to increase the likeliness of your comments to be seen.

  1. Use advanced search to find leads

This feature lets you find the most qualified leads. From the header menu click the icon ‘search people’ and then tick the ‘advanced’ option. The center column is where you need to focus because it lets you filter your search by location, companies (current or past), connections, industry, school, and profile language. Once your criteria is fixed, click on ‘save search’ in the upper right corner, which will help you maintain access to a steady stream of B2B leads.

  1. Advertise

LinkedIn ads either appear as display ads or simply text ads at the top of the page. The headline is 25 characters long and the description 75 characters, so every letter counts. You can ask to serve several ad variations so you get an idea of which one works the best, and thus continue with the best ones. Your budget can also vary and can be managed as cost per click or cost per 1000 impressions; however, the minimum daily budget is $10.

  1. Create a showcase page

This page allows a company to promote individual brands, which are extensions of the company. Showcase pages segment your inbound LinkedIn traffic. These are actually custom-made for B2Bs in order to improve lead generation. They help develop a long-term relationship with a specific audience. Ideally, it should target one consumer group and provide information that is relevant to them. The showcase page gets a larger header image, more above-the-fold update posts, and places to link back to your company.


LinkedIn is a great platform to form and maintain B2B relationships, and gives you a lot of other opportunities as well. However, without the right knowledge it too becomes just another time consuming futile social network. The tactics discussed are broad, but they should definitely get your started on the right track.


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