Mastering The Art Of Marketing On Instagram

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Instagram, a photograph and video sharing platform, is the optimal platform for you to showcase what your company or brand has to offer.

Instagram has the capacity to reach to over 300 million users. About 70% of the users check this social media platform at least once a day while about 40% check Instagram multiple times in a day. With its ever-increasing reach, advertising on Instagram has become quite necessary in today’s digital age. Instagram has a younger and a more tech-savvy audience than the other platforms.

Many a times, brands do not advertise to their maximum potential and thus lose out on valuable customers. Improper methods of advertising and unclear strategies cause more damage than it appears on the surface.

Here are some tips to advertise on Instagram:

  1. #Hashtags – Hashtags are the core elements of Instagram. You must include the trending hashtags in your posts to help them garner more visibility. It is an effortless way to discover latest content and attract more customers. Your advertisement or post would pop up every time someone searches for the prevalent hashtag. Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags on a single post but never overkill it by using them all. A post with 10-12 hashtags should do the trick.
  1. Publicize your Instagram account – Encourage your customers, partners and employees to use the brand hashtag to ensure discoverability. Add the company’s Instagram link onto the official website, employee’s email signatures, business cards and LinkedIn profiles. If a customer posts an image mentioning your product or service, repost it to show your value and appreciation. Once your account gathers a decent follower base, it will visibly boost your company’s reach.
  1. Make your brand visually appealing – Combine your copy, design and the message that you want to send out in an appealing manner. Advertisements that are eye-catching and visually engaging, have a higher recall value in the minds of the viewers. Make sure that the focal point or the message of the advertisement is not lost in the process.
  1. Geotagging – Geotagging is one feature that hasn’t been utilized effectively. Geotagging means adding the location of the place where the image has been clicked. If your business is registered as a location, it will benefit your company immensely. People who check-in to your location, will be able to see the other images that are tagged using the same geotag. Users can view the services and products offered by your company and thus, help establish a valuable relationship between the two parties.
  1. Take advantage of the various Instagram tools – Instagram is a fast-growing platform showcasing the listings of new entrants with every passing hour. They offer various tools to improve the quality and reach of posts.
  • Filters and editing features can transform an image remarkably. Make the most of these tools to ensure that the post is appealing and engaging.
  • Utilize the suite of business tools like impressions, engagement and advertisement insights to extend your company’s reach. These tools work on paid advertisements and help determine the effectiveness of the posts.
  • Instagram stories are also slowly and steadily gaining prominence. Stories send out a clearer message than a single image. This also establishes a sense of trust and assurance in the minds of the viewers and customers. There is a personal and real feel to it which makes it a striking feature.

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