The need for Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural marketing or ethnic marketing is defined as marketing to one or more audiences of a specific ethnicity. This usually includes people outside the prime ethnicity of a particular region or country.

In the past decade, multicultural marketing has evolved into a very important form of marketing mainly due to the growth of cultural diversity across the globe. In an era where the right communication could make a world of difference, the presence of various ethnicities within a particular country makes it imperative to reach the right audience in the right away.

The concept of multicultural marketing has grown from a simple communication strategy to an entirely different approach towards selling to a particular ethnicity. It influences every step of the marketing effort and provides marketers with a new level of insight.

The need for multicultural marketing arises from a number of different issues, the main ones being language and culture barriers. While migrants to a country often get assimilated with the adopted culture in time, they still retain their core values and traditions. A specific marketing strategy that targets these migrants in particular makes them feel special as compared to a more generalized communication.

Ethnic marketing takes into consideration not only the language of these ethnicities but also their cultural norms, beliefs, traditions, practices etc. This information is used to craft marketing campaigns that are optimized for maximum effectiveness. This not only ensures better engagement with the target audience but also prevents wastage of resources that result from poorly crafted marketing efforts.

These ethnic considerations go beyond simple linguistics. Even something as basic as a colour may mean different things to different cultures. Hence when crafting something as complex as an advertising message, be it print, video or digital, it’s very easy to unknowingly commit a major faux-pas when dealing with different ethnicities.

On the face of it, understanding a culture might seem to be a simple enough effort. Any marketer could enlist the aid of an ethnic consultant for his strategy and craft the right communication. But multicultural marketing goes far beyond simply tailoring the message.

A multicultural marketer understands his or her target audience far better than anybody else. Extensive research and years of experience of dealing with a particular ethnicity is imperative to reach out to specific cultures in the right way. Hence an ethnic marketer is required to craft the marketing strategy right from its inception and guide it throughout its execution. Identifying the right target audience, collecting relevant data through extensive research, ethnic media management, developing strategic marketing plans and crafting brand strategies are some of the services a capable ethnic marketing consultant can provide.

Marketers cannot afford to underestimate the importance of multicultural marketing. It’s needed not only for brands that want to reach a specific audience but also for brands that want their communication to be relevant across the board. You don’t call a general practitioner to perform a brain surgery, you call a neurosurgeon. So why this approach of one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing?


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