Marketing trends to watch out for in 2017

The new year has arrived and it brings with it a whole new world of possibilities for the enterprising marketer. It’s a time for contemplation on past mistakes and future innovations, and the future has a lot in store. With the advent of various new media and growing innovations in the existing ones, it has become more vital than ever for marketers to constantly keep themselves updated with the various evolving marketing trends.

So here’s taking a quick look at some marketing trends which will be all the rage in 2017.

1) Virtual and Augmented Reality 

Virtual reality has been waiting in the wings for quite a few years but its time has finally arrived. And if you have any doubts about the viability of augmented reality, one only has to look at the success of Pokemon Go, a game which has the power to make people get out of their houses and go where the designers please. With their recent partnerships with Starbucks in the US and Jio Mobile in India, Pokemon Go has demonstrated just how profitable a medium this can be.

2) Focusing on mobiles

From being an add-on for marketers to becoming an extremely important medium, the mobile phone will finally come into its own this year. With more and more people spending more time on their phones than their computers, it has become more important than ever to optimize your content for mobiles. What’s more, many experts also recommend making mobile your primary focus since that is where the action is these days. And it’s not simply a matter of making your content mobile friendly; you need to provide your customers with a complete experience of your brand on their handheld devices.

3) Livestreaming 

Livestreaming will continue to grow this year too as more and more people slowly work out the issues surrounding the technology. Instagram has also joined in the fun with the option of featuring live videos on its Stories feed.

4) Native Advertising 

Say goodbye to the days when you could simply serve consumers with an advertisement and then sit back and expect results. Audiences now run away even at the slightest indication that something is being sold to them. As a result it has become imperative for marketers to package their message in a way that is entertaining to the audience. There is strong need to create good content that people would want to consume, and then subtly weave your message as unobtrusively as possible.

5) Buy buttons on social media 

Ease of use seems to be the order of the day and more and more consumers want to be able to do everything in one place. To this end, a lot of social media sites now offer the option to let customers purchase your products without having to go to your website, for instance, the Buy button on Facebook and Pintrest has greatly accelerated sales for brands.

6) Chatbots

Constantly engaging with customers on social media messengers poses many challenges and the only solution is chatbots. Facebook has already taken a step in this direction and we will soon see a day when interacting with bots will feel like the real thing.

7) Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the celebrities of the digital age and that’s a fact more and more brands will have to embrace this year. People love and follow these influencers and are willing to freely accept brands that these influencers embrace, the reason being that the influencer is not seen as a money-grabbing celebrity but rather an authority who loves his or her fans and would only suggest the very best products and services.




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