How do brands take advantage of the festival season to increase sales?

No matter which country you pick, everyone loves a good reason to celebrate. Reasons for celebrations are unending, whether it’s religious, seasonal, patriotic or personal. These occasions are usually considered to be auspicious or necessary times for shopping. You may be buying things for someone else as gifts or yourself as a treat, but shopping is inevitable. Brands of all kinds, in every conceivable category, have understood this and realized that these times are extremely beneficial for their sales. But with higher sales comes the hope to boost them even further. Therefore, companies utilize the holiday season to market their products more than usual in a certain language and to a specific demographic.

Transportation companies like Uber have regular business on a day-to-day basis. But how can they capitalize on festivals and holidays? During festivals such as Diwali, the festival of lights in India, or Christmas, the main objective of the mass population is to spend some quality time with their families. But due to this popular desire to go see their loved ones, roads are jammed with taxis and people. This demotivates their customers to head out because it becomes an expensive and time consuming ordeal. So Uber offers special discounts with certain codes for the customers who wish to travel with their cars on festive days. This generates interest and creates added value for the clients which leads to having a higher possibility of them booking an Uber cab.

The line of cosmetic products are wide and varied for every and all occasions. They market their sunscreen line or sun protection products during festivals like Coachella, a music festival in USA, or Holi, the festival of colours in India. These are occasions which require people to be out in the sun for the entire day and may suffer from skin damage due to exposure to sunlight for a prolonged period of time.

E-commerce is the next big thing and it’s already here. Websites like Amazon & more popularly Ebay are the go to site for every kind of shopping; be it clothes, appliances or cosmetics. So when most people dread shopping because of the enormous crowds and rush during the festive season, e-shopping sites come to you with the most obvious solution; shop in the comfort of your home and spend less money! Bound to be an instant hit, these discounts and promotions of certain generic products will grab the customer’s attention and encourage them to buy from them during these times.

Fashion and a sense of style are things that never have a shelf life. Clothes, shoes and accessories are considered as basic necessities today. Our need for them never wavers and with every season and occasion, we ‘must have’ some items of clothing. Winter sales, Christmas specials, Black Friday offers and New Year’s shopping are all advertising tactics to make one buy something they may or may not need. It may not matter whether we have warm autumn sweaters or cute little shorts for the summer that we’ve worn maybe once or twice, our uninhibited love for the new will always push us to buy more.

They may be boosting dipping sales, taking advantage of a fan following or advertising a new product, but brands will always find a way to increase sales. These offers may be adding value or might be ripping you off, but their ability to connect to your aesthetic, emotional or practical self, is commendable. With a strong brand image, companies now remind you of your past positive experiences and memories attached to these festivals. Question is, are we falling for it?


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