Best places to visit in Australia during Halloween

As the autumn leaves start to fall and leave the trees barren, the festival of Halloween is celebrated with zeal. A day filled with children trick-or-treating, candy and horror stories is also a time of parties and fun costumes. People decorate their houses and conduct group activities such as carving pumpkins into lanterns, apple bobbing, sitting around bonfires and playing pranks. In some parts of the world, Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve, Church services are held and candles are lit on the graves of loved ones.

The popular and eventful celebrations that are done today weren’t always a tradition. Halloween is said to have been originally a Celtic festival called Samhain where they believed that the night before their New Year, November 1st, the worlds of the living and the dead collided. People would have bonfires and dress up in costume to safeguard themselves from wandering ghosts. In addition to this, it was thought that this occurring was an opportune time for Druids or Celtic priests to make predictions about the future which took place around bonfires.

Since Halloween is the culmination of traditions and superstitions from the Celtics and the Romans, the festival spread through to the country of USA because of the mass immigration that took place over the decades. Widely loved and enjoyed in America, Halloween has become a community-centered holiday today. It isn’t, however, a largely celebrated occasion in Australia.

Even though Halloween is not a big deal in the land down under, the major cities of Australia, influenced by pop-culture and inhabited by people from all over the globe, indulge in the festivities. If you’re in the continent and desire to party in some fun themed pubs and bars, we have an interesting list of places one should check out for Halloween.

Fremantle Prison – Perth

With an interesting and ancient history, the prison in Perth has been a place for incarceration for more than 150 years. Later it went on to become a maximum security prison for the world’s most dangerous criminals. Rumours about ghosts wandering in the facility make it the perfect place to visit on Halloween if you want to test your capacity for the creepy. Take a torchlight tour while listening to the scary stories of the supernatural.

Fearaphobia – Hawkesbury Showgrounds, Richmond

Australia’s only Scream Park, Fearaphobia is dedicated to thrill you with terror on Halloween. For the past 30 years, the theme park has a range of blood curdling attractions and ghosts and ghouls to keep you company within the area. With 7 major haunted sites, Fearaphobia is bound to terrify you.

Hatchet Hunted Halloween Interactive Special – Sydney

An alluring and mysterious campsite, the hosts there will assure you that things are nothing but normal. With a convincing setting, Hatchet is a terror filled journey where you will be thrown into the experience of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Your mission is to escape successfully from the mad town. Enjoy the sensation of being in a real life chase this Halloween

The Spooktober Halloween Festival – St Kilda Town Hall

Some fun, scary and great attractions like the Haunted Manor for kids and the Haunted Asylum for adults ensures a fun and exciting Halloween for all. Along with games and live entertainment, enjoy Halloween themed food and drinks this October from the 28th to the 31st.

Halloween Party Cruise – Sydney Harbour

Sail on Halloween’s raddest party cruise this October. With gorgeous indoor and outdoor seating and large dance floors, the thumping sound from the speakers will guarantee a party you won’t forget. With delicious food and beverages, treat yourself to a night of fun, costumes and music!

Haunted Gardens after dark – Eden Gardens, Macquarie Park

An adults only event, Halloween After Dark is a party in the haunted gardens. Wander through the grounds as you find and feast on the delicious canape stations set up for you. Have a good time with their special punch and food all while dancing the night away at the open-air bar.

Hope you have an enjoyable and spooky Halloween!


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