This Diwali, get creative with your space with these amazing 7 DIY decorations ideas

The Indian festival of lights, decorations, family togetherness, cheer and sweets is around the corner. Diwali is a festival which is widely celebrated in India and also by almost every Indian around the world. The history of Diwali as a celebration dates back to ancient India where Ram rescued Sita from Raavan and bought her back to their home. Firecrackers and lanterns were lit throughout the kingdom to celebrate this historic moment.

We celebrate this act in history with firecrackers, decorations and family gatherings. The scene is no different in office. Everyone dresses their best in traditional clothes. The entire Diwali week is filled with fun activities while the day of Diwali is mostly a nation wide holiday (India specifically while in other countries Indians take leaves to celebrate with family).

During this time, we thought we could bring you some do it yourself Diwali decorations. Hope this gives your creativity a bit of a jolt.

  • Glass bangle Diya – Take a bunch of glass bangles and stack and stick them together one on top of each other. You can then place a candle in the hollow centre as you lay it on the table and you have yourself a multi coloured glass bangle Diya.
  • ‘Happy Diwali’ welcome sign – Welcome people to your house a little differently this year. Take 11 plastic glasses. Preferably red glasses. Take a well sharpened pencil and poke holes in the glasses so that they spell out an alphabet. Each glass will have one alphabet. Then place small candles or Diya’s in each glass and leave the glasses outside your door. Make sure they are in order so that they spell ‘Happy Diwali’.
  • The egg carton which is made up of an almost thermocol/cardboard material can be used most effectively. If we cut out the individual pieces of the egg carton then, we can attach mini light bulbs in them (mini light bulbs of an entire chain of mini lights) and they end up looking like a string of lit up flowers.
  • Rangoli outside the home or office doors. In office competitions can be held for the most creative Rangoli designs. Rangoli are basically designs made on the floor with coloured powder. You can add Diya’s in the centre of your Rangoli design for added effect.
  • Fruit candles are pretty and fun to make. Take fruits such as oranges. Peel off the skin making sure that the skin is as intact as possible. You will need half of the oranges skin to be intact so that the skin looks like a bowl. Ensure that the centre stem of the orange stays intact. Fill the bowl like orange skin with olive oil or wax. Light the stem and voila!
  • Balloon twine lanterns. Blow a balloon and wrap it with yarn which has been dipped in a mixture of water, corn starch and glue. Leave the yarn wrapped balloon to dry for 12 hours. Then, burst the balloon, colour the twine lantern to whichever colour you want and you can insert a light bulb in it and hang it from a ceiling.
  • Sea shell candles. This follows the same principle of the fruit candle. Glue a wick to the centre of the inside part of the sea shell. Fill the sea shell with wax or olive oil and light it. You candle is ready!

Well, there you have it. We hope this arts and craft session for Diwali will prove useful to you. Go ahead and have some and make your house look more festive this Diwali!


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