Start a job in a new country like a PRO

Moving to a new country comes with its ups and downs. Excitement and anxiety, anticipation and a bit of paranoia, new highs and maybe some lows. But to get you through this transition here is our list of things you could keep in mind to make sure that you start to fit into your new workplace as soon as possible. We hope you find the following tips helpful.

  • Culture is an important aspect especially if you are shifting to another country. Try and figure out what is different over there as compared to your home land. What out-of-office cultures are followed? Before getting into your new place, it’s also important to understand a country’s culture. Next, you should pay attention to the company’s culture and if there is anything different they do as an organization.
  • Religion This may seem a bit odd but religion can play an important role as well. But, this is completely dependent on the country in question. In the Middle East for example, a lot of cultural attributes at the workplace come from the fact that the idle east is a relatively Islamic concentrated space. Understanding their rituals or nuances will help you not be a complete outsider.
  • Food habits are an important aspect to consider. Some rules apply across the country and some apply for a particular company. But it’s extremely important to consider this. For example, some companies in India do not allow non-vegetarian food in their premises. It’s important not to hurt the sentiments of others and is hence crucial that you do due diligence on your part and find out what is ok and what is strictly a no go!
  • Language is another aspect which should be taken care of. Maybe in multinational companies, English is the universal language but, in certain situations and in some countries, language can be a barrier. It’s best to brush up on s few of the important words and terms to help you on your communication, especially during the first few days of your new job.
  • Transport in a new place is an important factor as well. Public transport information such as bus stop locations, train schedules, taxi stands and their pricing is important to understand what kind of transport you would be taking on a daily basis to work. This of course is in case you are not getting your own vehicle or an office pick up and drop.
  • Familiarize Yourself During your first few days in the new job, things might tend to get lonely for you. Sure they might be a lot to catch up on in terms of work but, everyone needs a break once in a while. Scoping out coffee shops, delis, restaurants, bars around your new workplace can always give you that midday lunch break you need or even that place you can go to after work where you can roll up your sleeves and kick off your shoes!
  • Introduce Yourself Be friendly and try to get to know the people who sit around you in the office. Not only does this help make friends inside the office but it never hurts to have a bunch of buddies with who you can hit the bar after work.
  • Engage Participating in office employee engagement programs. This helps break the ice and makes your new work place a bit more comfortable. After all, if you’re going to be spending close to 10 hours at work, might as well learn to enjoy and be comfortable.
  • Punctuality is a must. This tells your new colleagues that you are dependable and take your job seriously.
  • Dress Dressing correctly is very important. Power dressing or dressing according to a new country, company and designation speaks volume about who you are.

Keep these tricks and tips in mind and we have no doubt that they will help you settle in. Best of luck!


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