Happy Employees make a workplace better – Great Employee Engagement Tactics

You could have the best product in the world or even service. Your company could be worth billions. You could be a Forbes 500! But, none of these would be worth a dime if it isn’t for the employees and the people in a company which drive the growth of an organization. In the thick and heat of work, some companies forget that people are people and a bit of fun, entertainment, appreciation and breaks can go a long at not only increasing productivity but, also in reducing attrition and ensuring retention.

Here are some of the ways we have thought of which can help you guys make the fire in your employees burn a bit brighter:

  • Employees should be recognized. Their efforts big or small should not only be mentioned, but also be acknowledged. Whether this happens through awards, emails, prizes etc. This keeps them going and also gives inspiration to others to work towards their goals.
  • Out-bounds and team outings are a great way for the team to get to know each other in non-formal environment. Whether its lunch or dinner, a night of drinking, a weekend getaway, letting your hair down with office colleagues can change the dynamics and environment at work into a more positive and fun filled space for everyone.
  • Contests and games allow friendly competition. A day for games where people compete for a prize can bring about enthusiasm and a sense of healthy rivalry.
  • Assured yearly appraisals and bonuses based on performance is a must. If inflation hits everyone then so should appraisals!
  • A 360 degree open communicative space. Whether it’s feedback or counselling, communication should come freely from peers, seniors and juniors. This helps create an overall picture of your performance in the company not only professionally but personally as well. This could be made anonymous as well to reduce any friction which can / might occur.
  • Festival celebrations are a must. Apart from it being a holiday on occasions, the day before the holiday, festive seasons should be celebrated together in the work space. This creates a sense of togetherness and a feeling of a home away from home. After all, office is a place you spend most of your time at.

Well, we hope that your office practices some of these employee retention and / or engagement activities. If not, make sure you get in touch with your HR department today and push some of these ideas to them so that they can be implemented. Best of Luck and we hope your office starts being a more fun & interesting place once you try some of these ideas out in your office!


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