Successful people and their Mantras

 Whether it is Bill gate, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Mukesh Ambani ,Mark Zuckerberg or any one in the league of people on top of the world, success is what they have achieved by following their mantras.

The secrets behind their success are varied but a few of those secrets are followed by all.

So, here’s our list of mixed secrets and mantras of the rich and famous. Hope you guys like the read and maybe even incorporate a few of these habits. Some of them might be basic to read about but implementing them staunchly is a whole other story.

  • The early bird catches the worm. While the lesser mortals wake up and start their days, the successful people out there have been awake maybe 4 – 5 hours earlier busy being successful. Starting work early and getting all the smaller things taken care off gives these people a lot of time in the day to focus on the bigger things.
  • A lot! Times change everyday. New technolog, evolving business regim, new competitio and improving business and practices. Knowledge does not come to people through thin air. It comes through being involved, interaction with others and most of all through reading!
  • Being organised. Waking up early, working hard and working fast will all mean nothing if your work is not perfectly organised. Knowing where exactly your work is whether it’s the files in your computer or the schedule you need to follow or even knowing where your lucky pen is before signing some important documents. This enhances efficiency and cuts down on any waste of time.
  • This is one thing every successful person never gives up on. They might have all the money and resources in the world for liposuction and miracle weight loss pills but, nothing can replace good old fashioned exercise. Not only does it help you stay fit but also helps you focus your thoughts and it also keeps you and your immune system healthy.
  • Rise above failure. No one becomes successful over night. Hard work and patience pays off. But in the time where you are dragging your nose through the mud, bad luck can strike. Failures can happen. Problems are assured. But, the best way to deal with them is to learn from them and rise above it all. Failure should be a lesson and not a deterrent.
  • A healthy diet and breakfast is a must. Nothing is more important than a healthy brekky! To keep you going through the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner should have all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need. Also the golden rule of eating healthy is, breakfast fit for kings, a filling lunch and dinner for a pauper in terms of quantity.
  • Empathy and equality. Don’t let success get to your head. Treat everyone with dignity and equality. No one is better than you and vice versa when it comes to basic humanity. Humility and success is what others look up to. Pride always goes before a fall. Having empathy towards others also shows compassion and, showing someone heart and empathy can go a long way.


These are a few of the habits and mantras that the most successful people follow and adhere to. But go easy on yourself. You don’t need to go crazy trying to do all the above starting this moment. Pick one at a time and learn to practice it before you pick up the next habit on your way to success. Best of luck!




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