Famous People from across the Globe that helped shape cultures

The world as we know it has been an evolution over the years. The change has been due to a gradual mind shift, advancement in technology and a general growth in population. But whether it’s been behind the scenes or made the headlines, the world and culture has been influenced by a handful of individuals globally.

From Australia itself we have had the greats such as Rupert Murdoch – A king in the news industry who helped influence the minds of millions with his News empire.

Donald Bradman, Shane Warne and Heather Mckay from the world of sports in cricket and tennis. Sports always brings people closer together no matter the caste, creed, sex or culture.

Actors such as Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman entertained millions across the globe, bridging social and language barriers.

Moving onto the rest of the world and across history, there have been great individuals who have forever left their mark in the endeavour of changing culture itself.

Going back to earliest historians such as Archimedes the astronomer who helped us learn more of the worlds beyond ours.

Plato who founded the first western institution of higher learning. This bought education and learning to the people which in turn allowed them to be more self aware and learn about different subjects which were discussed in the institution.

Julius Caesar who turned the Roman republic into an Empire. This got the entire Roman population under one banner, making Romans as one of the most powerful nations in the history of the world.

Alexander the great who almost conquered the entire world. Few others like him being Genghis Khan and Hitler.

Artists such as Leonardo and Michaelangelo who till today inspire artists from around the world. Art is a language by itself that transcends boundaries such as language, geography, politics etc. Art today is almost a culture in it’s own right.

Leaders such as Gandhi who taught non violence. Nelson Mandella who was a forerunner in the anti-apartheid movement. Leaders such as these inculcated not only great beliefs and thoughts in people all over the world, but they also taught us tolerance for other races and cultures.

Musicians such as Beethoven, Bach and Michael Jackson who brought fans from across the world closer together. Just like art, music is another language which has no boundaries.

Social workers such as Mother Teresa who cured the sick and helped the weak no matter the race or culture. Revered by the entire world, she taught the world empathy, sympathy and love for our fellow man no matter who they are.

The list of such great people in their respective fields is quite long but, the one thing they all had or have in common is the fact that they were greatly responsible for bringing about a great change in the world. Without them the world today would be different. They had a great impact on culture and a number of sub-cultures were created because of these powerful individuals.

Not only have these great personalities shaped the past but also the future. They brought people from all over the globe closer and in doing so, changed the idea of culture itself.


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