Tailored Communication for a Glocal Community 

Australia, the land down under is an amalgamation of cultures from across the world. The population of this great continent-country shows just how successfully Australia has managed to be a cohesive modern immigrant nation. From the Greek to the Vietnamese, the doors of Australia are open to all and ethnic audiences now make up over 28% of the Australian population.

A multi-cultural lifestyle leads to a multi-cultural business community. It is here that as a business you need to understand whether your communication strategy requires a mass approach or a tailored approach.

If you are a brand that requires attention from the masses irrespective of their cultural, social, economic and ethnic background then your entire brand activity will be focused on mass communication.
Tailored communication is an approach a brand uses when the brand has a specific group that they want to target.

The tailored communication approach breaks down the market into market segments. Within these market segments, the brand must identify which one is their target audience. Once the target audience has been identified a complete analysis is done on their psycho-graphic profiles. This questions the consumer’s interests and gives you far more insight on the personality of the target group.

As a brand you begin to understand the media consumption patterns of your end consumers. This includes their subjects of interest, their style of communication and the mediums through which they consume and disseminate their message. Once you have a grasp of this, you find a way to position your brand and communicate its identity through these mediums.

When your brand communications are tailored you can be assured that what you are communicating is definitely reaching your target consumer group. It puts a brand at a better, more defined position in the consumer’s mind.

You can increase the returns on your investment simply by expanding your reach within the correct market segment.

In Australia, diverse migrants from various cultural backgrounds make up a large percentage of the population. They have brought along with them food, lifestyle and cultural practices that have now been absorbed as a part of the mainstream culture of Australia.

When you understand this, you realize that by communicating to the masses there is a possibility that you miss out on some of the immigrant population. Tailoring your communication to suit these ethnic groups helps you access a much larger audience.

But as the population is so diverse, a tremendous amount of research will have to be conducted in order to target all these different segments.

This is where Around The World Consultancy comes in. We have an extensive knowledge and experience in providing insight on this expanding multicultural audience. Our aim is to create consumer-centric communication and connect businesses using our established networks which provide a greater earning potential for your business. The aim is to keep your business up-to-date on community news, festivals and events.

What we can offer as a boutique marketing agency is –

A deep analysis on obstacles that could be experienced when trying to engage in unfamiliar communities and how to deal with it. This involves ethnic research and an access to specific ethnic group consultants.

Brand Strategy

A complete valuation as to the positioning of your brand within the target market and audience will be conducted. Based on this evaluation a specific long-term brand strategy and a strategy to target new customers segments can be created. This will drive brand awareness effectively and efficiently.

Strategic Planning
We have extensive experience in developing and implementing strategic plans based on our knowledge of ethnic communities and customer behavior/insights. We can provide data mining, market landscape analysis, market fact sheets and a complete competitor analysis.

Ethnic Media Management
Well connected within the ethnic media realm. We get first hand information on new media available, channels and community movements. What we manage for you includes – PR Distribution,
Media Recommendation, Media Buying and Media-Agency Relationship Management.

In Australia, we’re already a successful multi-cultural community. Our aim at Around The World Consultancy is to weave the business community closer and help the brand enter uncharted market segments with ease.


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